Cognitive and Behavioral Problems can be reduced by Iron Supplements

Iron is an important element to ensure the earth’s placement and sustainability. It’s the 4th most common element in the earth. Not only the structure of earth’s inner core has iron as an important element but also in human body structure and growth iron plays a significant role. Underweight babies who born with iron deficiency face problems in developing cognitive and also they suffer in behavioral problems.

In a recent statement, experts have unveiled the problems of iron deficiency in the human body. Researchers showed that proper diets with iron can reduce the problem. They have compared with babies who are dieted properly and aren’t and showed the results. Babies with proper diet prevent developments problems and almost grow up as normal babies.

Head of pediatrics and Umea University in Sweden, Magnus Domellof showed the under weight babies look normal but 30 percent of them are iron deficient at six months and 10 percent of them develop a condition called iron-deficient anemia.

With the passage of time, these babies get older and their iron deficiency lead to behavioral problems like attention problems, anxiety and depression, compared to babies treated with iron supplements.

The expert team worked with 285 newborns, were under weight at their birth time. They gave the babies iron drops daily for six months. Another 90 new born under weight babies were given sugar water drops without iron.

After three years, the team find out only three percent from 295 newborns displayed behavioral and cognitive problems but from the other 90 babies around 13 percent displayed the problems.

Though the study was between a small number of babies but they demand that it represents the whole scenario. If under weight babies aren’t dieted properly with iron there’s chance of displaying behavioral problems in future.