Iron Metal: Outstanding Industrial Applications and Easy Use Nature

Iron is one of the most useful metals in the history of earth. It is the fourth common element in the earth. From the very begging of the civilization iron is being used in most of the sector of our life. Iron forms the inner core of our beloved earth. At the starting we used iron to build shelter or hunt our food. With the passage of time civilization developed so did the purpose and use of iron.

Now-a-days, experts are mixing different chemicals with iron and increasing the application of it. Carbon is being added with iron to change its properties. Carbon is one of the hard substances and depending on the amount it’s become much stronger when added with iron. Pure iron is relatively soft but when added with carbon we find stronger steel.

With the low combination of carbon with iron we find steels.
Low carbon steels are used in joists in building construction, wire, nails and body panels for automobiles. The construction for these steels consumes low cost and they adapts easily for good reason. Whenever we intend to build anything we need to use wire and nails. Low carbon steels come with ductility which provides the opportunity of easy manipulation and reparability.

We can use medium carbon steels when there’s a need of more strength and less ductility. We can apply these steels in farm equipment, engine components, gears, and structural fixtures. Engine components and farm equipments need to be strong and durable but less brittle. Medium carbon steel is the perfect substance for this process.

Medium carbon combination with iron provides enough strength and durability for structural fixtures. It can hold up to many cycles of stress and strain. The industrial applications of iron metal is increasing day by day and the outstanding properties of this metal.