Shortcomings, Application and Using Approach of Iron Metal

Often iron metal is known as the metal that is used to build weapon and tools. It comes with ability by means of alloys and heat treatment. As a result it suits easily as primary metal to almost every application of technology. In here, we’ll discuss about using approaches, application and shortcomings of this metal.

Usually we all are familiar with the use of iron metal in our daily life. It comes as covered with protective coating or buried deep within any object. Whatever we need a concrete structure, electrical machines or transformers mostly depend on iron. Automobiles have become an essential part of our daily life which depends largely on iron. The list will be a long one if all of the application of iron is included.

Cost efficiency, strong, tough, easily formed and worked nature has made it preferable than other alternatives. Plastics can be competitive in some terms where cost efficiency is the main concern rather than durability and strength but in all means there’s no other metal which can be comparable with iron.

The main lacking of this metal is its weight and propensity to rust. Aluminum and plastics can be used to easily avoid it. But the advantages of iron are so great that these considerations prevail only in limited fields of application. Iron in collaboration with cobalt and nickel is known as iron family.

The remarkable property of the iron family for which there is no substitute at an equivalent cost is that they can be induced to provide a strong magnetic field with only small excitation by an electric current. Also, iron plays important role as a carrier of oxygen in blood. Iron metal is easy to find and use in different aspects of our life.